Reynols cd

"Blank Tapes" -- CD

  What a challenging CD ! Indeed, Reynols the well-known argentinian trio responsible for low-fi experimental rock releasing a CD on Bernard Gunter's label renowned for its minimalist and ascetic music releases (Francisco Lopez, M.Behrens, Steve Roden etc...) ?!?? Add to this the distrustful concept of this CD : manipulating the sounds produced by simple blank tapes from 1978 to 1999 ! I was then sceptic and curious at the same time when putting this Cd in my player. This 6 tracks Cd started exactly how you could imagine : a very low-level stagnant hiss of a blank tape. After some minutes a burst of noise takes place and developps into a high-pitched noisy and dissonant segment. More ambient is the following track composed by dark hushing sound layers evolving in some repetitive structure. The next tracks are: a long soft hiss , a very loud and intense noise framework and a dense drone segment.
Although minimalist by nature, these "blank" tape works are eventually varied and pleasant by their rich sound textures. I think Reynols finally managed to exceed brilliantly the initial provocative concept of this record.
Trente OiseauxTOC 002 CD (1999) - time: 50.35


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